RAWALPINDI - Two Covid-19 positive persons were shifted to Benazir Bhutto Hospital (BBH) by the district health department for medical treatment on Monday, according to details. The medics admitted the patients and started treating them. According to details, the district health authorities have detected a coronavirus infected female patient from the precincts of Police Station Sadiqabad and brought her to BBH. They said the lady got infected with Coronavirus after enquiring health of her Italy returned uncle who was also Covid-19 positive and admitted in Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences for medical treatment. They said the six other family members of the lady have been put under the scanner as the medical experts took their samples for Corona tests. Another coronavirus positive patient was moved to BBH from THQ Taxila by the doctors, according to details. Moreover,a woman was moved to BBH with visible symptoms of Cornavirus. The lady travelled from Gilgit to Islamabad via PIA. Doctors have taken the samples of lady and sent for tests.