Karachi                   -                In light of the current COVID-19 crisis and the difficult situation, K-Electric has decided to extend further relief to the industrial sector by deferring the collection of the Industrial Support Package (ISPA) arrears till the end of April. Accordingly the arrears will not be collected in the monthly bills till 30 April 2020. The power utility while reiterating its commitment to playing its due role in providing relief to consumers during these difficult times has already extended the due date for those residential customers who are likely to be most affected by the citywide lockdown and has also suspended its annual preventive maintenance activities and extended load-shed exemption to all parts of the city. The power utility, which takes all its decisions in accordance with laid down protocols as per the Ministry of Energy and the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has made this decision in order to provide relief to the industrial sector. Furthermore, the current bill of March 2020, may be paid without ISPA arrears and will be payable before March 31, 2020, without any late payment surcharge. At the same time the power utility requests its consumers, industrial and otherwise to ensure timely payment of electricity bills. The power utility is committed to standing by Karachi and its single priority at this point in time is to ensure uninterrupted power supply to its over 20 million customers. Timely payment of bills will go towards operational continuity including fuel payments and ensure continuity of power supply, which has become even more critical in the fight against COVID-19.