Considering the growing number of cases, the government of Punjab took the right decision to partially lockdown the province. There was no other choice but to implement this order as local transmission is now a very likely possibility. Travel history is no longer as much of a significant variable in determining whether an individual is infected with COVID-19. Our preparations must be adjusted accordingly as well. While people may be affected due to the lockdown, the difficulties due to this step are nothing compared to if the pandemic gets out of control.

Apart from this, the government needs a cooperative public. The Punjab Chief Minister’s (CM) appeal to the masses to cooperate with the provincial government means that we must all show some responsibility. People need to know that staying away from public spaces is now more important than ever. The government should not have to enforce the directive to stay at homes with the police or the armed forces; we each have a responsibility to fight this virus independently as well.

This partial lockdown is one of the many right steps that will help the government to flatten the curve. There is also a massive field hospital being built at the Lahore Expo; steps like this tell us that the government is aware of the threat we face and is acting accordingly.

Our responsibility now, as before, also entails that we do not panic. Fears around COVID-19 have prompted a manic worldwide shopping spree and basic commodities like toilet paper are in short supply. Hoarding essential products when the province observes a partial lockdown makes no sense at all as most grocery stores and pharmacies will remain open. If we get on board with the government’s efforts, we can fight this virus before it becomes any more serious. However, this is achievable only if people follow the instructions issued by the government and experts.