KHANEWAL-Chief Traffic Officer Huma Nasib said in his message on the occasion of Pakistan Day that Pakistan remembers the great day.

80 years ago on March 23, 1940, Muslims decided to establish a separate state.

“Today we are celebrating this day as ‘Pakistan Day’. W we have to worry about the future, looking at the past,” said the chief traffic officer adding that it was appreciable that the whole nation fought terrorism unitedly and peace was restored in the country.

“Now the whole world has been affected by the coronavirus. This time we have to do our best to be responsible citizen. Follow the guidelines and instructions issued by Pakistani institutions regarding Covid-19.”

At present Pakistanis need to be united to fight the disease because it is not a problem of some people but it is a problem of the whole world.

“We are of the view that due to the negligence and recklessness of the traffic laws, we put our lives at stake which is not only wrong but also a crime. The laws are always made for the betterment of people. By implementing traffic laws we can secure the lives of others as well.”

“Do not violate the urban one-way and use a motorcycle helmet, which is the best guarantee of your life. Avoid listening to a mobile phone while driving.”

“The new generation needs a timely awareness abouvt traffic laws. Awareness campaign is underway in schools, colleges and markets to implement traffic laws around the city of Multan,” she said.

To ensure smooth flow of traffic during the holiday hours of schools and colleges, according to Regional Police Officer Multan Wasim Ahmed Khan’s vision of community policing, traffic help volunteers comprising students and security guards of schools and colleges were formed. The chief traffic officer requested the citizens on the occasion of Pakistan Day that today people should be determined to cooperate with all the institutions of Pakistan and ensure compliance of laws.