DARRA ADAM KHEL (Online)- Security Forces have arrested 33 Tajik, Uzbek and Afghan national from Darra Adam Khel who had entered from Afghanistan into Pakistan for the purpose of terrorist acts and all the arrested persons have been presented before the media. As per reports of a private TV channel, 33 foreigners who had crossed from Afghanistan border to Pakistan had been arrested. The detainees included Uzbek, Tajik and Afghan nationals. Security forces presented all the detained persons before the media. Most of the detainees were below 15 years of age while the arrested persons had claimed they had come to Pakistan in pursuit of employment and agents had assured them of employment in Pakistan in return for huge money. One of them told he was proceeding to Karachi in connection with religious teaching. Another youth told he was ready to do any thing for the sake of money. Security sources told they all had come to Pakistan for the purpose of terrorism and they were showing ignorance about each other inspite of the fact that they were traveling in the same bus. Security forces had shifted them to unspecified place for interrogation.