THE bomb blast that ripped through a cinema in Peshawar that killed 10 people and left at least 75 badly wounded, is not only meant to create terror, it is symbolic as well. Though no one has claimed responsibility yet, the pattern of the attacks for the past few weeks inside the city, indicates that this was planned by the same breed of terrorists that have been brewing up trouble in Swat and elsewhere. They have been carrying out a series of deadly attacks in the name of eliminating vulgarity and enforcing their version of the religion. Just as few days back, the militants had distributed leaflets among the people asking them not to wear western attire and threatening them with dire consequences in case of non-compliance. God forbids, but do we have another Swat in the making? The style in which the militants are operating in Peshawar at present is more or less the same that was adopted in Swat during the early days of the insurgency. The bombing of CD shops, music centres and girls' schools was followed by an attempt to directly challenge the writ of the state. However, this cannot absolve the law enforcement agencies of their duty of ensuring a stable law and order situation. The attack bears testimony to the fact that there are major flaws in the security mechanism. The CCPO Peshawar admitted this in a press briefing and maintained that the blast had occurred because of the security lapse. It is imperative, therefore, that the government improves its methods of providing safety and security to the citizens.