Millions have been displaced in Pakistan's war with Taliban which has hit the NFWP very hard. On October 5, 2005, the entire country joined hands to help the affectees of a terrible earthquake in Kashmir and Northern Areas but even more needs to be done to help our brothers and sisters stricken by the present crisis. One should, of course, acknowledge that the tragedy of October 5, 2005 had brought together Pakistanis, not just here but even abroad, in a moving show of solidarity. Tragedies always do that. The international community was also forthcoming. A lot got done through everyone pooling together their resources and energy. Even more needs to be done today when a humanitarian crisis of even greater magnitude has taken place. The latest assessment from the relief agencies said that 500,000 civilians have already fled Swat, Buner, the FATA areas and neighboring districts while another 500,000 are either on the move or preparing to leave, bringing the total number displaced by the offensive to a million. While many civilians have left their homes, thousands more are trapped due to fighting in their areas. Relief agencies are warning that a humanitarian crisis is intensifying in the northwest, adding that they have a short window of opportunity and a short few weeks to really get this into high gear. Shelter is crucial and if people don't get that soon there will be a crisis of a different kind, people will start dying due to exposure to heat and injuries they could recover from with adequate medical help. -AFZAL RAHIM, Swabi, via e-mail, May 15.