University Town Peshawar used to be a very posh residential area with quiet streets and lush, green parks. These days it has turned into a noisy and extremely busy commercial area. Most roads have been occupied by offices of NGOs and spaces being used for goods storage. The rest have educational institutions cropping up every day. The houses are being razed to construct impressive clusters of commercial space for offices. As the situation in northern areas deteriorates further, more and more international donors would be putting in their base camps here or finance NGOs that are likely to acquire rental space at no place else but here. The problem is that Peshawar city has no other nice commercial location that can be used for offices. All commercial locations in the city have huge plazas constructed or a sprawling petrol pump occupying the land. Peshawar Development Authority needs to zone out new commercial areas that can house only offices. These commercial sectors should have good parking, adequate security and well-constructed buildings, which only offer office or commercial space. The government can help increase investment in such sectors by giving special incentives to companies that relocate there or to companies that invest in construction of such areas. The villages close to the University Town can give way to create the commercial hub of Peshawar. -SHAHRYAR KHAN BASEER, Peshawar, via e-mail, May 12.