The present 'sorry' state of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, has not come about suddenly, as a result of certain development taking place overnight. The sad saga has taken many decades to mature into a multi-dimensional crisis, which has put at stake the very existence of the State. The grand design of the undoing of Pakistan was initiated during its birth. The boundary commissions awarding Muslim majority district of Gurdaspur providing to India a link with Kashmir - followed by Indian troops landing at the Srinagar Airport and then by the British C-in-C of the Pak Army refusal to implement Governor General Jinnah's directive on restoring the situation was not incidental but part of the grand design to destabilise Pakistan. The 1958 martial law, the undoing of the 1956 constitution, the 1965 war, the dismemberment of Pakistan in 1971, were all natural consequences of the grand design, whose masterminds are quite well known. A strong Pakistan sitting astride India's major urban and security zones like Calcutta, Assam, Bihar, Amritsar, Jammu and Srinagar vulnerable, providing military superiority of orientation to Pak Army was not acceptable to New Delhi and its close allies. In order to demonstrate Delhi's prominent position in the region, after 1971, India thought fit to demonstrate its nuclear capability through the first atomic test carried out at Phokaran. Thus the responsibility, please allow me to describe this as the "sole responsibility" for introducing the atomic race in South Asia, rests only on India. Pakistan was left with no option to respond without any other motive except in self-defence. Hence the national demand was reflected through Bhutto's resolve to produce a matching response even if the Pakistani nation has to eat grass to achieve this national mission of survival. It is indeed nave (if not amusing) on the part of India and some other big powers to turn their eyes away from the Indian atomic explosion carried out in the first week of May 1998 and raise hell when Pakistan, after much deliberation decided to declare its nuclear deterrent capability on May 28 and 30, 1998. Not a world of even the mildest protest came from Moscow, Berlin, Paris, London or Washington. Pakistan, pleading and pledging to use atomic energy for peaceful purposes only, was threatened by all at the global level for the alleged crime of nuclear proliferation. Anyway currently the necessary political, economic and military action is raging, hoping that the two-pronged strategy recently worked out with the joint support of the civil democratic governments of Afghanistan and Pakistan, with the active assistance of their military forces, will soon succeed in restoring the writ of the government in these troubled areas. Although a new dimension, alarming in nature, is emerging in Pakistan suspected of prodding by certain hands, alleged to be, both internal as well as external, are resuming a new threat to the nation's security. Whereas Pakistan's traditional foes are well known, and the government is dealing with them under a defined agenda. The elements engaged in this dangerous game to create confusion among the masses regarding the safety of our nuclear arsenal, can become worst confounded with the cleverly suggested input that our nuclear assets are in fact a source of all our political and economic problems. These prophets of doom have recently started saying that there was no need to acquire the nuclear deterrence and having achieved the capability, there was no need to declare the same on May 28, 1998. They would rather accept international control rather than invite global wrath and sanctions as there is no sense in this trash which should be rejected. However when such a campaign, initiated at the present crucial juncture of Pakistan's history, is viewed in the backdrop of the threats from Delhi - reinforced by a strong anti Muslim lobby - they assume highly dangerous proportions. While some recent remarks by the US State Department and Pentagon cannot be and must not be taken lightly, much less ignored. I had a sleepless night when I heard Obama issued a statement that the US administration had a fair idea about the location of Pakistan's nuclear assets, which the president believed were in safe hands. However, he had all options open to deal with any situation. Rest assured, Mr President such a situation shall never arise. 164 million Pakistani's shall sacrifice the last drop of our blood in defence of Pakistan's honour and hard won freedom. The writer is the president of the Pakistan National Forum