The self-respect of every nation plays a significant role in the mode and direction of the progress of that country. But to build this self-respect, financial prosperity is of the essence. Our leadership is putting all their efforts in the right place, trying their utmost to keep the wheels of development in motion. The recent trip undertaken by President Zardari was for the sole purpose of securing financial assistance for the country. Critics need to understand that there is a difference between begging and making transactions. These trips of the President are not for pleasure, but for business. The international relations between the countries of the world depend on such transactions with every one trying to obtain maximum benefits. Why should not the people of Pakistan reap benefits from the international community? Money does not come without conditionalities but when the benefits overshadow the terms, deals are made. The people need to back the government in its wise policy decisions. -MAHA MASOOD, Lahore, via e-mail, May 12.