CANNES (Reuters) - The Cannes film festival winds up on Sunday when the Palme d'Or for best movie and other prizes will be awarded. The following is a list of competition films, named with the directors and their place of birth. "A PROPHET"/Jacques Audiard (France) - Malik is sentenced to six years in prison, and must use every ounce of his ingenuity to survive the dangerous rivalry between gangs. "ANTICHRIST"/Lars von Trier (Denmark) - Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg play a couple whose son dies in an accident. Events spiral out of control when they go to an isolated cabin to try to recover. "BRIGHT STAR"/Jane Campion (New Zealand) - John Keats begins a secret affair with Fanny Brawne in 19th century London. The romance deepens as their troubles mount. "BROKEN EMBRACES"/Pedro Almodovar (Spain) - Director's muse Penelope stars in a comic homage to cinema. "ENTER THE VOID"/Gaspar Noe (Argentina) - Oscar is killed in Tokyo but his spirit refuses to abandon the world of the living. "FISH TANK"/Andrea Arnold (Britain) - Mia, 15, sees her world turned upside down when her mother brings home a new boyfriend. "INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS"/Quentin Tarantino (United States) - A group of American-Jewish soldiers get mixed up in a plot to wipe out the leaders of the Third Reich, including Hitler himself. "IN THE BEGINNING"/Xavier Giannoli (France) - Based on a true story, a small-time crook becomes an accidental hero when he poses as a construction manager and begins to build a highway. "KINATAY"/Brillante Mendoza (Philippines) - Peping, a criminology student, joins his friend on a mission to earn some cash but regrets his decision as events turn sour. "LOOKING FOR ERIC"/Ken Loach (Britain) - It takes a spliff and soccer star Eric Cantona to encourage Manchester postman Eric to face up to his past and his fears. "MAP OF THE SOUNDS OF TOKYO"/Isabel Coixet (Spain) - A young woman leads a double life, working in a Tokyo fish market at night but also taking work as a ruthless hit woman. "SPRING FEVER"/Lou Ye (China) - A woman hires a man to spy on a passionate immoral relationship her husband is involved in. "TAKING WOODSTOCK"/Ang Lee (Taiwan) - Elliot Tiber invites the Woodstock concert to his neighbour's farm. His family struggles to cope with the hippies, hangers-on and half a million fans. "THE TIME THAT REMAINS"/Elia Suleiman (Israel) - The director bases his screenplay on diaries his father wrote as he was dying in their native Nazareth. "THE WHITE RIBBON"/Michael Haneke (Germany) - A small village is rocked by a series of mysterious and cruel crimes. A group of young children are among the prime suspects. "THIRST"/Park Chan-Wook (South Korea) - Actor Song Kang-ho plays a priest who becomes a vampire during a medical experiment and who is seduced by a bored housewife bent on murder. "VENGEANCE"/Johnnie To (Hong Kong) - French rocker Johnny Hallyday plays a chef with a mysterious past who goes to Macau swearing revenge after his daughter and her family are attacked. "VINCERE"/Marco Bellocchio (Italy) - Benito Mussolini tries to wipe from his past a lover and a son. "VISAGE"/Tsai Ming-Liang (Malaysia) - A Taiwanese director is invited to make a film about Salome in the Louvre, Paris. "WILD GRASS"/Alain Resnais (France) - When Georges finds a stranger's wallet by his car, he goes in search of the mysterious and alluring Marguerite.