While the country is burning and our poor soldiers dying, look at what our leaders are doing? President Zardari is on an all-expenses-paid holiday abroad, luxuriating in $ 5000 a night royal suites of five-star hotels. Not to be outdone, Nawaz Sharif is attending a royal wedding in Dubai. Shahbaz Sharif is on a business trip to Iran, in first class luxury no doubt. Asfandayar Wali, defender of the Puktoon cause, is also away to Dubai, missing the action on the pretext that whoever runs away lives to fight another day. Maulana Fazalur Rehman also chose to be in cooler climes abroad when the heat was on at home. Altaf Bhai, in any case, lives in London. -A PAKISTANI PUKHTOON, via e-mail, May 13.