LAHORE - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan has condemned the Sindh governments decision to deny entry to the IDPs into the province on the pretext of registration before entry. According to him, this was unconstitutional as citizens of Pakistan cannot be denied entry into any part of their country, nor can they be asked to register on entering another province. In a statement issued here on Saturday, Imran Khan said that thousands of IDPs were stranded at Kashmore while the Sindh government, under pressure from coalition partner MQM, denied them access to a part of their own country. It is shameful that the MQM is not ready to shoulder the responsibility alongside its partner the PPP of the fallout from this ill-timed and ill-planned military operation. Altaf Hussains newly-discovered love for military operations in order to please his foreign masters - in contrast to his earlier condemnation of the military operation in Karachi in 1992 - is totally devoid not only of any humanity, but also of principles, he said. The IDPs have lost their homes, their crops, their future, because of the present governments greed for US dollars and it is unacceptable that the provincial leadership of Sindh now deny them basic shelter and access to territory that is as much a part of their country as it is of the people already living in Sindh. Imran found it totally unacceptable that at a time of such human tragedy, the response of the MQM-PPP coalition in Sindh was turning the crisis into a potential ethnic conflict. He urged the present leadership to immediately allow all IDPs their constitutional rights as Pakistanis to move freely across this country with no barriers created such as registration. He called on the government to re-assess the rationale for the military operation - including the untenable strategy of using heavy artillery and aerial bombardment which is leaving countless innocent citizens dead in its wake, alongside millions stranded in the war zone.