LAHORE - Dust of wrong-doings by a PML-N MNA and Punjab Minister for Prisons has hardly settled yet, and now a Rana-Mian duo has surfaced to take control of a womens college, and is bent upon securing jobs of their chosen ones at every cost after recruiting people with political affiliations residing in their constituencies. Deputy Speaker Punjab Assembly Rana Mashhood Ahmed Khan and MNA Mian Marghoob Ahmed have been accused by the female staff of Government Degree College for Women (Gulshan Ravi), and the Higher Education Department for putting pressure on them and 'politically influencing the Department in order to keep men and women from their constituencies in their jobs. After an initial failure, they have gone to the extent that the College - constructed with the grant of the Federal government, and later adopted by the Department - should be given autonomy, which seems to be a dream only as nothing tangible has been done in this regard so far, and the Education Department has declined to move ahead with the political proposal, confided a source, privy to the developments, which are continuing for quite some time now with no attention being paid by the highest offices of the province, as averred by the source. After facing opposition from Principal College Farzana Saleem who declined to act as per the whims and wishes of the duo, they have managed to get her transferred, and District Officer (Education) Muhammad Saeed Saghoo has given the additional charge of administrator College till a regular incumbent is posted, said the officer, while adding that the Department had received complaints about her failure in managing the College. The College sources have confided that 26 males with political affiliations have been recruited so far, who are not observing discipline of the College. No doubt, males are serving in other women colleges, but the male-female ratio is never this high, and there is always a strict disciplinary check on their character. However, men with political backing rarely observe the code of conduct, and it is also true of this College, opined the source A list of persons was sent from the Punjab Assembly to the recruitment committee with an official of the Assembly in attendance, who influenced the recruitment process, confided an educationist, who was part of the committee. Secondly, the issue of 10 Honorary Teacher Assistants has become hugely contentious between the political bigwigs and the Education Department, while the latter is struggling to observe rules, and the former had not budged even an inch from their stances of keeping the HTAs in the College. Even regular appointees are not being allowed to assume charge with the political bigwigs sending directions that these HTAs should not be replaced, the source said, while quoting an example of Humaira Anwar, who was denied the assumption of charge despite court orders. In order to get things done their way, so far the Rana-Mian duo had held two meetings with the Secretary Higher Education Department Azhar Hussain Shamim during the last two weeks. Mian Marghoob Ahmed showed his complete ignorance about the issue, and declined having met the Secretary even, while Rana Mashhood and Azhar Hussain confirmed that the Mian was also present in the meetings. Ask Rana Sahab about the matter, as I know nothing about what you are asking me. I will talk to him (Rana) as well, concluded the MNA. Rana Mashhood accepted the fact that people with political affiliations had been recruited by a committee and directly as well. This has been done as per the quota of the elected representatives, and the Chief Minister Punjab has also given an approval that direct recruitments can be made for Grades 1 to 5, he said, while further admitting that relatives of those working with elected representatives had been recruited as well. He said so when he was quizzed about recruiting the cousin of his Protocol Officer Azeem Butt. Rana Mashhood, while maintaining that they wanted to create conducive environment for the students, said everything was being done fairly sans using the political influence. Nothing has been done beyond merit. Our effort is to improve the standard of the College, and sort out issues as there are complaints against the College administration, he said. Educationists of the College opined that a fake application was submitted with the Department, which was being used as a pretext by the politicians to exert themselves, and interfere in the matters of the College. About Principals transfer, Rana Mashhood declined to have anything to do with this, as this has been done by the Department on administrative grounds. Rana Mashhood also denied the assertion that they had demanded autonomy for the College. Granting autonomy to the College was discussed definitely in a meeting between the political duo and the Secretary, but it is not on cards as such, confided the source. To an allegation levelled by the female staff against the Rana that he had sent police for arresting an Islamiyat teacher, he termed it totally baseless. Azhar Hussain Shamim said the Department would act according to the rules, and would not bow to the political pressure. I have met them (Rana and Mian), and have told them that things will be done as per law, he added. While qualifying his decision regarding the additional charge given to a male, Azhar Hussain said it was the last emergency measure because the Department has to sort out certain administrative matters after complaints against the Principal. Saghoo will be going to the College only for short spells for signing important documents. About the HTAs, he said the matter would be dealt as per the rules, and no political pressure whatsoever would be given weightage. He declined that there were any complaints against the male staff. If there will be any, I will take action certainly, he added. Principal College Farzana Saleem did not offer any comments, and said she was a public servant, and supposed to obey the orders of her Department.