LONDON (APP) - A Briton of Pakistani origin was elected as new mayor of Luton located 32 miles north of the British capital with a large Muslim population. Councilor Muhammad Riaz will take oath of office on May 27 for a period of one year after serving as a deputy Mayor. Riaz had been active as a Labour Party member in the local politics and affairs of the city since his first election as a councilor. Muslims form 14.6 % of the total population of over 200,000 in the town best known for the production of Vauxhall cars. Congratulating Riaz, Prof Nazir Shawl, Director, London-based Justice Foundation Kashmir Centre, spoke of his role in promoting the cause of Kashmir. Your election is not only an honour of course but an onerous task, and I sincerely hope your mayoral term is one of great success with much support from all the Councilors in the chamber and the genuine support and backing of the large Kashmiri community in Luton which you serve.