KARACHI - The Customs Appraisement have delayed Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) which has been imported for making drugs for IDPS, the Pharma Association alleged on Saturday. The fact is that we are in dire need of such APIs as it will be used in manufacturing life saving drugs, especially for IDPs whose numbers are increasing day-by-day, they said. The sources told the Nation that around 8 to 10 companies have been vexed by the Customs Appraisement despite the fact they have brought the APIs under the 'others category which is not liable to scrutiny. It was reported that the customs authorities have asked the companies to deal with them individually which might initiate the risk of companies being asked for the money to get their APIs released. However, the companies in retaliation have asked the customs authorities to impose duties on such items if they wish, but they refused such suggestion fearing that will decrease the import of APIs, which will have dire affects on pharmaceutical industry of the country. The Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (PPMA) also alleged that Customs Appraisement was harassing its registered members and delaying the clearance of pharmaceutical raw material, pharma API consignment on various excuses for the last 15 days. In a statement, the PPMA spokesman said that the pharma API consignment which is meant for producing life-saving drugs and medicines has been delayed that might create shortage of life-saving drugs and medicines in the country.He further stated that the delay will also affect the quality of raw material and render the material ineffective and useless, and it will also the efficacy of the medicine because these raw materials have a short shelf life. He said that PPMA Chairman Zahid Saeed has already written a letter to the Collector Customs, copies of which also dispatched to the Chairman FBR and Secretary Health, urging the authorities to intervene and release the consignments. Nobody from customs was available for comment.