KARACHI - Painting is an art of refreshing the mind of human beings. God created every thing in accurate shape like blue sky, brown earth, shiny mountains, rivers, green grass, rainy season, singing birds and blowing wind are the greatest examples of nature. God made every human being with different qualities and gave knowledge and wisdom to mankind and creating paintings on canvas is one of those qualities which has been given to the human being. Recently, an art exhibition was held in a local art gallery Chawkindy, where 36 paintings of a renowned artist of young generation, Qamar Siddiqui, were displayed. This exhibition was totally different in the sense that it focused the subject of 'humbleness and humanity. Being a sensitive person, an artist is always eager to brush the happenings and events of the society and surrounding in its own manner. The paintings of Qamar Siddiqui unveil the God gifted greatness in his art in a unique way. This young man is teaching fine arts in Karachi School of Art for the last couples of years. Karachi School of Art and Rabia Zuberi hold enormous affiliation as her expertise speaks volume regarding her grasp over art. Whereas, the experts envisage the glance of Rabia Zuberi in Qamar Siddiquis work. Mr Siddiqui holds the inimitable quality to use his brush and colours on canvas. His pictures show the dilemma between good and evil. However, the theme prevailing, is the victory of goodness over evil every time. He paints all the battles on canvas in very nice and gorgeous way. Moreover, his works carry the depth and intimacy toward society and a strong message is always there for art lovers, the art critics observed. An art critic Atif Ali, who visited the exhibition, told the Nation that Qamar Siddiqui is an ambitious and talented person. Art is a time taking, difficult and creative work. However, the marvellous and superb quality in his paintings confirms his sheer devotion and efforts for the art. Qamar Siddiqui puts his hand on societys pulse by his paintings and that is why his name is at the top of the modern artists. His paintings are the epitome of his brilliance and God gifted wisdom, he added.