When TNSM chief Maulana Sufi Muhammad challenged the democracy and constitution of Pakistan, of which Jamaat Islami is a signatory, I heard the JI Amir, Maulana Munawar Hassan ridiculing Sufi Muhammad on a private TV channel. Syed Sahib said " I know Sufi Sahib had himself fought the election for being Nazim of Swat and lost it. Let's just say that he also did some kufr by accepting the same democratic process". To him, Sufi Muhammad's declaration that Pakistan's constitution, parliamentary democracy and higher judiciary were against Shariah was itself un-Islamic. Sufi not only challenged the writ of government but also raised flag of rebellion against the state by saying what he did. The fact is Jamaat Islami has also suffered a lot at the hands of TNSM and Fazlullah-led Taliban. A large number of JI people can be found amongst the IDPs in the camps in Mardan and Swabi. The crime of Taliban is not just a verbal refusal to submit to the authority of state but that they have waged a war against it, putting its existence at stake. If one asks the JI Amir what should be the punishment of a rebel of the state, Syed Munawar Hassan's response would probably be an edict that a war should be waged against them. But when the government, after exhausting all options of negotiations including a peace agreement, Nizam-e-Adl, etc, etc went to war against the Taliban rebels, Syed Sahib changed his tone and tenor completely. His predecessor Qazi Hussain Ahmed did not have these double standards. -IFTIKHAR BUTT, Lahore, via e-mail, May 12.