ISLAMABAD - A constitutional petition has been filed in the Supreme Court on Monday requesting for constituting a high-level commission to investigate the terror attack on Pakistan Naval Shipping (PNS) Mehran Base in Karachi and fix the responsibility for security lapse and take sever action against the responsible. Tariq Asad advocate has filed the petition under Article 184(3) of the Constitution citing prime minister, secretaries, ministries of interior and defence, chief of the army staff, Inter Services Intelligence director and Pakistan Electronic Media Regulating Authority chairman as respondents. The petitioner prayed to issue show cause as to why the prime minister had failed to call the armed forces under Article 245 of the constitution to control the situation besides directing the federal government to resign and hold fresh elections. It was further prayed to direct the respondents to submit the complete list of visas issued to the Americans with their nature and mode and place of issuance and whether they had been issued in accordance with law, rules and formal practice, and cancel those which had been issued without clearance and those in excess of number to be permitted under diplomatic laws. The petitioner further pleaded to direct the respondents not to blame the al-Qaeda or Taliban without any proof as the same statement was desired for the accomplishment of the US policy and saying that al-Qaeda had accepted the responsibility just by any anonymous phone call was a very irresponsible act and the respondents be restrained from such pursuits. Tariq Asad questioned whether the attack by the terrorists was not due to the security lapse or inefficiency and incapability of the interior minister that such a sensitive premises was left open for the entry of almost 15 terrorists. Whether the operation had not been launched by the CIA and the Raw to prove, after the Abbottabad incident, that Pakistan had failed to control terrorists and may be thus incapable to protect the nuclear weapons from the terrorists, the petitioner further questioned. Tariq further questioned whether the Americans who, it was reported, were working on the PNS Mehran Base were not the spies of CIA who helped in the operation. He further stated the government, particularly Rehman Malik, had supported the plans of US who just went to the site of occurrence and gave briefing that the operation could be a reaction of Abbottabad incident. It appears that he, being an agent of the US/CIA, was supporting their version otherwise he was not a child to understand that such statements would help the US plans to take control of the nuclear installation of Pakistan.