LAHORE - The unholy alliance of Al Qaeda and Tehreek Taliban Pakistan with the support of their backers in the US, Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries have shown their ugly design to take over the state of Pakistan through their attack on the PNS Mehran, the hub of naval installations in Karachi. This was said by Imamia Students Organization (ISO) Central President Syed Rehman Ali Shah while addressing party workers in Karachi on Monday. The attack by terrorists which held hostage the entire navy for more than a day shows that the enemy is equipped with modern warfare and they have full information about secret locations and this act cannot be done without the help of some sympathizers working in Pakistan who are also agents of terrorist organizations and Arab and western countries, he said. Meanwhile, condemning terrorists attack on naval airbase in Karachi, Punjab Assembly Speaker Rana Iqbal has said that entire nation will have to stand like a rock against terrorism to curb this menace. In a press statement issued on Monday, he said that all political forces should show unity for the sake of countrys solidarity and sovereignty at this critical moment in countrys history. He said such acts of cowardice by terrorists could not shake the resolve of Pakistan Navy and other security agencies.