LAHORE A man who wished to visit his first wife was allegedly burnt to death by his second in Sherakot police area on Monday. The deceased was identified as Matloob, a resident of Abu Bakar Street. Police investigators said Matloob had developed differences with his first wife and started living with Ghazala Bibi, his second wife. A couple of days back, Matloob told Bibi that he wanted to attend a marriage ceremony being held in relatives of his first wife, they added. Ghazala, however, snubbed and taunted him over his cowardice and his interest to meet a woman who had earlier kicked him out of her home. The man also exchanged harsh words with his wife, who later set him on fire after sprinkling kerosene oil on his body, police sources said. Resultantly the man suffered multiple injuries, and was rushed to the Burn Unit of the Mayo Hospital for his medical treatment where the doctors pronounced him dead here on Monday. Late, the body has been removed to the City morgue for autopsy. No case was lodged against anyone till filing of this report. Further investigations are underway. Meanwhile, the USA returned man, who killed his wife on Sunday night over petty dispute, also gunned down himself by shooting in his temple on Monday. Police investigators associated to the case say Asif had killed his wife Amna in Shadbagh police area on Sunday over any family dispute. After committing the felony act, he managed to flee from the crime scene but here on Monday he arrived in his home and killed himself, police said. Police claimed to have lodged another FIR of suicide against Asif on Monday. The gruesome incident has shook the locality as the man had returned from USA a week ago. We can never think the entire family would be ruined like this way. Everything has been changed and no one is ready to imagine that both of the couple has been killed, a senior citizen of the same area said. Later, the body was shifted to the City morgue for autopsy. Further investigations are underway.