The details of a dramatic action by the U.S Marines called operation SEALs in which the worlds greatest fugitive Osama bin Laden is claimed to have been killed has dipped the political world in a sea of confusion. Though the Americans are celebrating it as a historical triumph the sequence of events which appear in the media from time to time are mind boggling. The script and the footage is absolutely unrealistic. The conduct of the operation most recently projected by a private TV channel shows that when the fully armed group of American marines entered Osamas room he was standing wearing the normal dress, neither carrying a weapon nor having any security guards around him. Two women, however, tried to shield him. The marines pulled them away and killed Osama with a burst of fire. The dead body was put in the helicopter which landed on an American ship from where it was buried in the ocean. The episode has given rise to a volley of extremely legitimate questions which the Americans must answer to satisfy the restless world. Capturing a big 'criminal alive is always considered a great achievement. If Osama put up no resistance and appeared ready to surrender what was the need for killing him? Even otherwise, 'killing an enemy who is on the verge of surrender is a crime. Having taken Osama alive would have been like winning a 'golden trophy to adore the countrys political prison house. Secondly, why his dead body was not taken to the USA but disposed off instead somewhere in the sea? It is surprising that President Obama and his galaxy of parliamentarians who were so curiously focused on television to watch the operation had no desire to have a look at the dead body of 'USAs biggest enemy. The disposal of Osamas dead body in this manner would be justifiable if we accept the notion that he was not killed by the American bullets but blew himself off. This is a puzzle that will need a solution. Mr. Ahmedinejad the President of Iran has, however, expressed the view that Osama bin Laden was captured by the USA a few years back and is in their custody alive. The world at large which does not believe in the credibility of this operation will not rest in peace till President Obama clears all the doubts. RAFI NASIM, Lahore, May 19.