QUETTA - The detailed postmortem report of five suspected Chechens, including three women, who were killed by police and Frontier Corps has revealed that deceased had received 56 bullets at a distance of 50 to 60 feet and there was no marks of bomb blast on their bodies. Police surgeon in Bolan Medical Complex Hospital, Doctor Baqir Shah on Monday presented the report to the concerned authorities. According to autopsy report, all five foreigners were killed after receiving bullet wounds from a close range of 50 to 60 feet and no bomb blast wounds was seen on their bodies. The report said that 21 out of 56 bullets had been removed from the victims bodies which were hit in different parts of bodies. It said that some part of bodies of two victims including woman were having burn injuries which were caused by firing. However, the autopsy report said that no marks of torture on the bodies were seen. It said that the splinters removed from the bodies were not of bomb blast. On May 17, the Frontier Corps and police gunned down five Chechens in Kharotabad, near a security check-point on the outskirts of Quetta, saying explosives were strapped to their bodies and they were attempting to attack government forces. But the media raised doubts over statements by security forces, with television footage showing a wounded woman waving her hand in the air before her death by firing. The detailed autopsy report of the five disclosed that that deceased had received 56 bullets at a distance of 50-60 feet and that there was no marks of bomb explosion on the bodies.