LAHORE (PPI) Pakistan Industrial and Traders Association Front (PIAF) has welcomed the Federal Finance Ministers gesture of a tax free budget & putting off the imposition of Reformed General Sales Tax (RGST) and termed it a good omen for the business community. Chairman PIAF Sohail Lashari said in a press statement on Monday that Finance Ministers intimation would encourage the people to come into the tax net. He said concrete measures should be taken to end the menace of corruption and tax rate should be reduced that would help FBR to meet their tax collection targets. He said that business community was quite conscious of their national obligations and wants to pay tax but discretionary powers of tax officials, unbearable tax burden and corruption was discouraging the people to come into the tax net. He said that all the leading economies were giving incentives to expedite economic activities in their respective countries but in Pakistan the people who are sitting at the helm of affairs were doing the otherwise at this point in time when almost industrial sector were facing challenges like high input cost, deteriorating law & order situation, massive electricity and gas loadshedding. Sohail Lashari said that government should dependence on IMF loans under the strict conditions were one of the biggest reasons of over burdening direct and indirect taxes. Government should utilize all the available resources to get rid of the dependence on the external loans. He also urged the government to reduce its expenditures to promote the austerity culture in the country. He said that Public sector enterprises including Pakistan Railways, PIA and Pakistan Steel Mills eating up Rs. 300 billion annually but no measure so far been taken to control this damage. He said that Indian Railway was the second largest profit making institution of India while Pakistan Railways faced deficit of Rs.20 billion in the last financial year. He said that government should initiate the process of reforms in these enterprises so that the much needed money could be utilized for the betterment of economy. Sohail Lashari said that in the present scenario, government has to make budget business friendly otherwise economic crisis would further deepen.