LAHORE An enthusiastic electioneering of Halqa Arbab-e-Zauq is on its climax as the both leading literary panels of provincial capital are busy in holding corner meetings and approaching literary icons and permanent members of the Halqa to get their support and vote for their favorite candidates. The annual election is scheduled to be held on May 29. There are two panels contesting in the annual election. On one side a renowned poet and writer Ghulam Hussain Sajid, an educationist, having a number of books on his credit, is contesting for the seat of general secretary. From the same panel, Aftab Javed is competing for the seat of joint secretary. Javed is a famous for organizing talks and conferences for inter-religious harmony. On the other side, Amir Faraz, a promising short story writer who already remained secretary general of Halqa thrice, is once again contesting on the seat. A journalist by profession, Mudassar Iqbal Naro besides standing with Amir, is contesting for the seat of joint secretary. The campaign from both sides is on full swing on a social networking website Facebook and via cell phones by sending SMS towards their followers, lovers and fans day and night. Though, both of the panels are busy to get support of different literary organizations and members but the group of Amir Faraz looks more active in approaching the voters. According to the sources, the Amir Faraz group has the support of literary organizations including 'Dabistan-e-Biyaz, 'Idrak and 'Kirdar and also senior members like Dr Abrar Ahmed and Intizar Hussain. While the Ghulam Hussain group has the benefit of the support of noted personalizes like renowned critique Dr Zial ul Hasan, Ali Iftikhar Jaffery and Rashid Misbah etc, insiders said. A renowned poet and writer and also member of the Halqa Shehzad Niyyar while terming on the election, predicted that the Amir Faraz group will clean sweep in the election. He argued that the group had the support of young writers and poets owing to its moderate approach. He said Ghulam Hussain Sajid would lose his voters due to his aloofness fro couple of years. The Progressive Writers Association, he further said has been divided on the upcoming elections and half of its members of one side and others are on other side. Niyyar said Amir Faraz who has a conflict with Dabistan-e-Biyaz had done three meetings and finally succeeded to conciliate Khalid Ahmed, the chairman of Dabistan-e-Biyaz and secretary general Arshad Shaheen. Resultantly, Khalid Ahmed and Arshad Shaheen have openly circulated a mobile SMS towards their followers to vote Amir Faraz and Mudassar Naro. Khalid Ahmed had supported Qaim Naqvi of Biyaz and Hammad Niazi last year against Amir Faraz group. It may be mentioned here that Halaqa Arbab-e-Zauq has been a platform of the writers and poets for 70 years. And it is upholding democratic principals, conducts its elections every years since its establishment. Its Sunday literary session also held without any interruption even when Pak Tea House closed and the Halqa has no place for meeting, its session took place at footpaths.