ISLAMABAD - Auditor General of Pakistan (AGP) unearthed irregularity, overpayment and award of work to ineligible contractor in the accounts of Pakistan Rangers, which allegedly caused loss of around Rs 252 million in different cases. The fresh audit report available with The Nation, revealed the irregular expenditure of Rs 69 million, award of work to an ineligible contractor Rs 58.5 million, irregular award of work for Rs 58 million and other cases in Pakistan Rangers. Pakistan Rangers came into existence at the time of the creation of Pakistan and is entrusted with the responsibility of safeguarding the borders of the country. The organisation was Federalised under the Ministry of Defence in 1971. Presently, it is under the administrative control of Ministry of Interior. The audit of its civil works activities was taken over by Director General audit works for the first time for the financial year 2006-07. The report unearths that irregular expenditure of Rs 69 million was made due to weak internal financial control. According to the details, Project Officer, Pakistan Rangers (Punjab), Lahore incurred an expenditure of Rs 69.78 million for supply of building construction material (cement, sand, steel, bricks etc) for construction of 8 wing accommodation at Mandek Barian, district Sialkot. In this case measurement were not recorded in MB to access the consumption of material and this resulted in irregular expenditure of Rs 69.78 million. While, the department replied that all the construction material was purchased through the contractor, and its consumption had also been maintained properly on stock register, MBs and acquaintance roll. But,the report said that the reply were not accepted as facts were not got verified with documentary evidence. It is relevant here that as per codes of CPWA the local administration, after consultation with Accountant General, directs otherwise, payment for all work done shall be on the basis of measurements recorded in measurement book form-23 in accordance. In other case, the audit revealed that Project officer, Pakistan Rangers (Punjab), Lahore awarded the work construction of accommodation for 2 wing at Ratta Araian, district sialkot valuing Rs 58.5 million to the contractor, who was authorised to under-take projects upto Rs 10 million. So, the award of work to a below category contractor resulted in irregular award of work for Rs 58 million. Audit held that irregular award was a made due to weak contract management. The reply in this regard was not accepted because no documentary evidence in support of reply was produced for verification. In the alleged irregular expenditure of Rs 43.3 million, the Project Officers, Pakistan Rangers (Punjab), Lahore made payment for procurement of construction material for the work construction of accommodation for 8 wing at Pasrur, Sialkot without inviting tenders to have competitive rates in line with Public Procurement Rules, 2004 which provides that all procurement of over Rs two million should be advertised on the authoritys website as well as in other print media or newspapers. The department replied that all construction work was carried out as per approval PC-1. The construction material was urgently required but the reply was not accepted because no important reasons and waiver of the competent authority for purchase of material without inviting tenders was produced. The audit report also mentioned non-payment of stamp duty & capital value tax worth Rs 27.6 million.