MUZAFFARABAD - Prime Minster Yousuf Raza Gillani has emphasised that the solution of longstanding issue of Kashmir in as per UN Security Council resolutions and aspiration of the people of the disputed state is imperative for peace and socio-economic development of South Asia. India can not deprive Kashmiris their right of self determination for a longer time by force, he said, adding that Pakistan has steadfastly extended is political and diplomatic support to the struggling people of Kashmir and would continue to support them till the realisation of their dream. Addressing as chief guest at the inaugural session of the two-day international conference on Kashmir in Emerging Global Perspectives in Muzaffarabad on Monday, the PM said the solution of the issue lies in realising the fact that besides bringing miseries to the people of Jammu and Kashmir, it has badly affected the overall socio-economic development of both India and Pakistan. Gilani said that Kashmir holds the key to restoring the peace and socio-economic development to the region and unless this chronic issue is fairly resolved, the dream of attaining regional harmony, security and peace cannot come true. The PM urged upon the international powers to realise the gravity of the issue and exercise their influence to bring India round to the necessity of resolving the Kashmir dispute. Today, the world has transformed itself into a global village. Unrest in one country or region undeniably affects the whole world, he said. He said that peace-loving nations should come forward to help resolve the issue that, in fact, has jeopardised the peace and security of the entire world. We aspire lasting security and peace in the region, good relations with all neighbouring countries including India. We are pleased to see that the dialogue process between India and Pakistan has been restored. It should continue so that the longstanding issue could be resolved as per the aspirations of the people of Jammu and Kashmir as well as the UN charter and its resolutions, Gilani said. There is no precedent in the modern world history that any issue between two disputing nations was resolved through wars or by maintaining the status quo, he said. Gilani said Pakistan is a peace-loving country and wants to have friendly relationships with its neighbours. We recognise that without finding an amicable solution to the core issue of Kashmir, lasting peace and prosperity in the region is absolutely inconceivable. Yet we want a solution which is acceptable to all the stakeholders because a solution imposed against the will of any party will not be durable, he concluded. The prime minister assured that forthcoming elections in Azad Kashmir would be fair. Gilani said his visit to China showed the strength of the friendship which could help resolve the Kashmir issue.