OUR STAFF REPORTER KARACHI - Pakistan can say good-bye to International Monetary Fund (IMF) but it requires governments will and tax-payers cooperation, this was stated by Member FBR, Israr Rauf. Addressing a dinner reception hosted by Chairman CNG Stations Owners Association, Malik Khuda Baksh and President, at a local hotel the other day, Israr said that all issues related to forthcoming budget would be resolved with the consultation of stakeholders. He said that no final discharge would be allowed to exports and property income in the forthcoming budget. He assured that the budget would be business friendly and no new tax would be imposed. He said that its pertinent to note that all such people earning Rs25,000 per month have not been taxed so far. He lauded the role of SM Muneer in resolving a many issues facing by the stakeholders. He agreed to the point that agriculture should pay the tax and that thousands of effluent and very rich people are not paying any tax. He said that FBR has achieved Rs1,327 billion revenue target with the help of stakeholders and this years target of Rs1,588 billion would also be achieved through same spirit. He declared that business community would not be harassed to achiever the revenue target. President, Pakistan-India Chamber of Commerce and Industry, SM Muneer advised FBR not to further squeeze tax-payers and seek other options to meet revenue target in the forthcoming budget. He said that Pakistanis will spend Rs220 billion on sending SMS next year and if only 20 paisa tax levied on each SMS, government could earn Rs44 billion. He further suggested to give incentive to overseas Pakistani only one rupee per dollar, we could double the remittances to the tune of $12 billion next year. He said that country is losing billions of rupees loss on account of Afghan Transit Trade. He demanded to curb this menace in order to meet the revenue target. He demanded that all political parties should sit together to discuss one point agenda and that should be the revival of economy. PBIF President, Mian Zahid Husain rejected the Monetary Policy announced by the State Bank of Pakistan saying that tailor-made policies cannot run the country. He said that interest rate should be brought down to single digit in order to rescue the plundered economy. He said that due to this policy quantum of non-performing loans has gone to an alarming level of Rs500 billion and number of defaulters are increasing fast. Acting President, FPCCI, Akbar Khan said that government should bring those filthy rich people into tax net that are not paying a single penny to the national exchequer but enjoying every facility. Senior Minister Sindh, Agha Siraj Durrani said that stakeholders are the backbone of the economy and extended every possible support to the businessmen. He said that Sindh budget would be business friendly.