President Obama must have taken leave of his senses when he warned that the US would launch another unilateral operation inside Pakistan to take on a high value target. This was followed by his statement that the information collected from the compound of Osama Bin Laden will be used to carry out operations against Al-Qaeda, which in reality is an another attempt to frighten our nation. Also, he made the ridiculous statement that in considering India an enemy, Pakistan was at a fault. Too eager to prove to the American public that he is the man of the hour carrying the 'White Mans burden, Mr Obama is frequently indulging in spewing venom against Pakistan. But what the American pubic doesnt seem to grasp is that the demagogue they have brought into the Oval Office, -- while least deserving of this honour -- is only endangering global peace and most importantly the safety of the American public when he talks about launching more unilateral strikes against Pakistan. There are consequences of every action and while it should be clear that Pakistan is a peaceful state and bears America no ill will, what Mr Obama should have no confusion about is the fact that the backlash of his disastrous operations where they are hitting us, they are bound to hit the US mainland one day. The danger to life and security of Americans and the world therefore comes not from Pakistan but from Obamas inadvisable policies of global domination and aggression against us. He has become a docile puppet in the hands of the American establishment and the CIA but keeping in view his sabre-rattling against Islamabad, he has turned out to be no less cunning than the proverbial fox to put a gloss on dreadful performance of his administration regarding domestic issues and hence improving his chances of a win in the next presidential elections. Obama must restraint his ambitions from getting the better of his sense of proportion and at least act with the decency that is required of a US President. Indeed the threat of more unilateral attacks in Pakistan not only makes a travesty of our Parliaments resolution condemning such blatant violation of sovereignty but also brazenly disregards the joint working protocol between our armed forces and the US. If Obama Administration is under the impression that it can literally invade Pakistan than it is only its wishful thinking. There are a lot of states around the globe that are much weaker than Pakistan but have successfully defied the US. A nuclear Pakistan is an altogether different proposition, all the more so as it is in a firm position to wrong foot the super power owing to its catastrophic military adventure in Afghanistan.