ISLAMABAD - OGRA in its response submitted to the Court over the appointment of Member (Gas) admitted that after the intervention of Cabinet Division, Mansoor Muzaffar Ali was included in the final list and was on second number in final merit list. Pursuant to the direction of the Chairman Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA), a team of OGRA attended a meeting on 05-07-2010 in the office of Senior Joint Secretary Cabinet Division and reported on 16-07-2010 that five persons were short-listed and Member (Gas) was absent from the list. However, Cabinet Division issued call letters to eight persons including Mansoor Muzaffar Ali and after interviews, two persons were recommended for appointment. They were Sarfraz Ali Sheikh and Mansoor Muzaffar Ali Khan and present Member (Gas) OGRA was on second number in final recommendation list, the documents submitted to Islamabad High Court available with TheNation revealed, adding Mansoor Muzaffar Ali Khan was also appointed by the Cabinet Division of Federal Government and not the OGRA, which is constituted under Section 36 of the OGRA (Ordinance) and its members are appointed by the Cabinet Division of Federal Government of Pakistan. Despite the government initiatives to revamp oil and gas sector to enhance production and ensure better distribution of oil and gas, people were appointed in the sector who did not meet the qualification and experience required for the post, the sources said earlier, adding, Some secret hand involved in his induction only to benefit LPG tycoon. In a bid to improve the efficiency of the oil and gas sector, the government has recently initiated a plan but it seemed that most of the plan focus on only reforming the way oil and gas companies operate in Pakistan not the appointment of concerned Management which ultimately responsible for smooth and efficient functioning of the organisations, sources opined earlier while confirming the petition filed against Member (Gas) OGRA in Islamabad High Court Islamabad. The petitioner has alleged the appointment of current Member (Gas) OGRA Mansoor Muzaffar does not qualify to be the Member (Gas). The eminent professional of known integrity, whether he held relative engineering degree is shrouded in mystery; but the integrity aspect is definitely wanting and was involved in various criminal cases. He told that Mansoor remained in jail for about 2-3 years. Though he has acquitted, the fact remains that his integrity is tarnished beyond repair. The eminence and known integrity as the sine qua non is thus conspicuously absent and the record as to period of experience is again shrouded in mystery but the nature of experience as vividly opposed to/divergent from the requirement, petition reads. 'Mansoor Muzaffar admittedly prior to taking over as Member (Gas) held an executive appointment nor relatable to the field of natural gas. He was only Director General (G) with the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources. Obviously the criteria imposed was wanted so also it admitted brought out that 'Mansoor Muzaffar never held a Senior Management or operational position. The very basic consideration was thus absent as 'the respondent/ Mansoor Muzaffar failed to live up to short listing. Member (Gas) offered himself as a candidate, however out of twenty-six applicants only five were short-listed who met the aforesaid criteria but despite having failed to qualify short-listing Mnsoor Muzaffar Ali, Director General (G) Petroleum Ministry for no reason appointed Member (Gas) OGRA in MP-II scale for a period of three years through a partial modification of Establishment Notification of even number dated 17-08-2010, the petition reads. It is worth mentioning here that according to public advertisement that Cabinet Division invited applications for the post of Member (Gas); the criteria for the post being designated was The Member (Gas) shall be a person of who holds an appropriate degree in the relevant field and is an experienced, eminent professional of known integrity and competence with a minimum of twenty years of related experience in the field of natural gas, including the transportation thereof, has proven track record as Senior Management or operational position, has the professional knowledge of technical standards, service standards and other matters concerted with the regulations of natural gas pipeline including tariff regime, capital investment programmes, transmission, distribution and sale of natural gas, has a demonstrable overall knowledge of the natural gas sector including current situation in Pakistan, issues connected with its restructuring, introducing competition and best international practices etc.