OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE - Pakistan Airline Pilots Association (PALPA) has congratulated Pakistan Air Traffic Controller Guild (PATCG) on its affiliation with the International Federation of Air Traffic Controller Association (IFATCA). Flight safety can only be ensured when pilots and Air Traffic Controllers perform their responsibilities with heart and soul as hundreds of lives dependents on them while flying, President PALPA, Suhail Baluch said. Pilots have always been cooperative with the Air Traffic Controllers and will continue to do the same. We both are the main components of flight safety, he added. He expressed hope that the recent affiliation will help enhance the aviation activities in Pakistan. There are almost 300 highly-qualified air traffic controllers in Pakistan working at different airports in various cities. These controllers are certified by International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO). They are being trained with the upgraded technology and Aviation Safety standards. The training includes control tower, post control, area control, approach non-radar and area non-radar. The air traffic controllers acquire specific training course with job posting in different cities to determine different dynamics of locations and airspaces for control operations.