OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE The mother of Shumaila, the deceased wife of Faheem who was killed by CIA contractor Raymond Davis, will question the pardon given to Davis before the court of law. Musarrat Bibi, the mother of Shumaila, Monday told Muhammad Azhar Siddique advocate that her daughter did not pardon Raymond in the murder case of her spouse Faheem. The petition prayed for production of the family members of both the victims. The petitioner feared that the legal heirs of the two victims have been kidnapped by certain agencies after they had received such a huge amount as diyat. He prayed for the production of the members in the court to know whether they willingly or under any pressure accepted the diyat at a time when startling disclosures were coming forth about Raymonds activity in Pakistan and material and gadgets recovered from his possession. Shumailas mother requested Azhar to file a case on her behalf that diyat has been wrongly accepted by the legal heirs of Faheem as her daughter did not pardon the killer and her statement to this effect is on the record. She said her daughter wanted justice but the legal heirs of Faheem acting in league on the other side, reached a compromise and pardon the killer. She asked if the legal heirs are right and just then they should come before the public and the court must clear the dust. She said she did not pardon Raymond so he must be punished for killing her son-in-law. Scam case against 'N MNA adjourned: An accountability court on Monday recorded statement of prosecution witnesses and adjourned hearing of a reference against a PML-N MNA Rana Nazeer till May 28. Rana is accused of embezzlement of Rs. 46.37 million. AS per NABs claim, the accused had allegedly misappropriated Rs 46.37 million in connivance with other members of his family from the public money. Rana Nazir had also filed an acquittal application under 365-K of CrPc before the court under the National Reconciliation Ordinance, contending that after the promulgation of the NRO the reference against him and his family had become ineffective and his application was accepted by the court concerned. But the apex courts order of scrapping the NRO in December 2009, the court had reopened the reference against him and others from the progress of the case where it was shelved. remand extended: An accountability court on Monday extended for 14 days the physical remand of eight officials of the Accountant General Office and Police Department in Rs 21.456 million scam case. The court ordered the NAB officials concerned to produce the accused persons again on June 6, 2011. NAB officials produced constables namely Shaukat Ali, Muhammad Ali, Shoaib Sardar and Imran Shah, accounts clerk posted at the CCPO office Sajawal Ashraf, constable Gulfam Rasool of the Punjab Highway Patrol, PA to Deputy Director Muhammad Adnan of the Project to Improve Financial Reporting and Auditing, keypunch operator at AG Office Kashif Iqbal and a private person Mehmood Ahmed and Shoaib Sardar. As per NAB report, the accused allegedly made 35 transactions and fraudulently transferred the money under various heads from the Accountant Generals office in Lahore, only during the months of July and August 2010. The transactions were made using the codes of the CCPOs office and the drawing and disbursement officer of the Punjab Highway Patrols office. comments from Centre, provinces SOUGHT: The Lahore High Court on Monday issued notices to the federal and provincial governments and sought comments till 1st week of June on a petition seeking exemption of hospitals and courts from power load-shedding. Justice AzmatSaeed heard arguments of the petitioners counsel before issuing the notices and seeking comments from the respondents. The petition was filed by Judicial Activism Panel Chairman Muhammad AzharSiddique in public interest contending that loadshedding had hit working at hospitals and courts hard which respectively have 80 and 50 per cent mechanical units being operated through electricity. He said both the sectors are directly related to hundreds and thousands of people and loadshedding means depriving all of them of their fundamental right to life. The petitioner said that extraordinarily prolonged loadshedding is tantamount to snatching away the basic rights which the Constitution has guaranteed to every citizen. The petitioner said over the years, basic amenities have been dried up for the masses whereas they all are at the disposal of the elite and the ruling class which do not face any loadshedding or other problems. On the other hand, he added due to absence of electricity the poor were going without proper medical treatment at the hospitals while unduly long time was being consumed in getting judicial orders, copies, preparation of cases, list of cases, issuance of summons etc. in the law court at all levels. The sufferings being faced by the litigants due to loadshedding are in addition to all that. The petitioner contended that authorities time and again said that loadshedding was being factored because of lack of funds to pay the oil companies and this has become a permanent excuse with the govt to justify the loadshedding but it never opted for the construction of new dams.