ISLAMABAD - The management of Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF) has come down hard upon youngsters blaming them for telling the hidden truths about the state of affairs in PTF Complex during the ongoing training camp being run by the Indian coach Birbal Wadhera. Instead of overcoming their mistakes and taking action against people accused of giving substandard food stuff to trainees of the camp, Arif Qureshi, who is a full-time employee of Pakistan Television and gets a handsome salary over there as sports officer and is also the treasurer of PTF, warned some kids of dire consequences and even prohibited some of them from performing test at the camp last night. He warned them that he will dismiss all of them from the camp and will not allow them to come and play at PTF again." He also warned them of sending negative camp report to the management. Ten Sports, which has sponsored Birbal's visit and set up this training camp at PTF, has paid a hefty amount for the entire camp especially for the youngsters being trained but it is unclear as to where the amount has gone if it is not spent on the kids. The very first question hitting the minds is this gentleman is a treasurer at PTF then how has he threatened the youngsters to stop them from giving the required test. Arif Qureshi has not even majority votes to perform as treasurer, as he has taken six votes, while Kaleem Imam panel did not nominate any candidate for the said post during the elections which were won by the latter. He has already served twice at the same post in the past, which is also a sheer violation of the Supreme Court orders that a serving government employee cannot hold any office for the third term. It seems PTF has no other person to look after the accounts and other related matters, so they are relying on this particular person. The kids were forced to get training clay courts, which were not prepared for many days. Resultantly, they got serious throat infections. PTF has total six employees to look after the affairs of the complex which is in dilapidated condition. The only synthetic turf in PTF Complex surface has developed cracks and completely shattered due to the negligence of the staff. It was supposed to be cleaned up at least once a month, but no body bothers to take care of it for last many months. The country is facing severe energy crisis but in PTF, one of its SVPs namely Zulfiqar Rahim is enjoying full backing of the top brass and continues using lights after sun set to mint a huge amount of money from foreigners and kids of elite class in the name of coaching. No body dares to stop him from minting money at the cost national resources. It is to be mentioned here that the racket of Nofil Kaleem Imam, which was lost on last Saturday, was suddenly found by the administrator PTF Complex after the story was appeared in The Nation the same day. PTF is funded by the Pakistan Sports Board and other organisations and they must take notice of the continued mismanagement by the PTF administration. This piece of land for the Complex was given to PTF on non-commercial basis. Its main objective was to provide maximum facilities to players from around the country. However, the PTF management has turned the complex into a commercial hub by imposing heavy fees in the name of membership and monthly charges, which is a against the rules set by the International Tennis Federation. It is the national duty of Sports Minister Engr Shaukat Ullah and Standing Committee on Sports to seek explanation from PTF president about the state of affairs and mismanagement and orders to conduct inquiry into the matter. The authorities concerned must take strict action against PTF officials to flourish tennis in the country.