LAHORE Abundance of sunshine and absence of winds in the City caused considerable increase in mercury level on Monday, putting an end to the relief provided to the Lahorites by rains and overcast conditions during the last couple of days. Lack of clouds, rains and winds increased the maximum temperature in the City by 05 degree Celsius, ending up at 39 C on Monday. Minimum temperature was recorded 23 C. Relative humidity in the morning was recorded 53 percent which decreased to 30 percent in the evening. Lahore canal as usual attracted a large number of people including women and children at noon and in the afternoon. Not only youth but also elderly people were seen beating the heat by taking a bath in the Lahore canal. At certain places, even women were seen taking a dip in the mud colour canal water. According to the experts, seasonal low lies over Balochistan but is less marked. Local meteorological department has forecast mainly dry weather for most parts of the country including the City during the next couple of days.