LAHORE The week long charity group exhibition, comprising selected works of 13 Pakistani artists, concluded in Singapore with a success note by attracting a good number of art-lovers. A large number of art-lovers, including the Pakistan community, stationed in Singapore visited the exhibition. The visitors evinced a keen interest in the selected art works of prominent artists of international repute, including Jimmy Engineer. The foreign and local art lovers remarked invariably that after viewing the paintings exhibition, in which some calligraphic paintings were also exhibited, they had a better and positive image of Pakistan as a moderate, peace loving, progressive and forward looking country. The exhibition titled Artistic Fusions from Pakistan was inaugurated by the Ambassador at Large in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Chairman of National Heritage Board Singapore Tommy Koh at the Art House in the Old Parliament Lane. As already announced, proceeds from the sale of paintings and calligraphic work on display in the group exhibition were to be donated for help and rehabilitation of earthquake victims of Japan and flood victims of Pakistan. Besides prominent Pakistani artist of international fame, Jimmy Engineer, other twelve artists whose selected art work was displayed in the exhibition are Iqbal Hussain, AQ Arif, AS Rind, Abrar Ahmad, Amjad Butt, Mansur Rahi, Hajra Mansur, Maham Gul, Mashkoor Raza, Mussarat Arif, Salman Farooqi and Tariq Javaid. On the whole, more than 70 paintings including famous Pakistan Movement series of paintings and recent architectural compositions of Pakistan of Jimmy Engineer were on display in the exhibition.