Nothing could be more relieving for Pakistan than to hear a supporting voice from anywhere in the world. Saudi King Abdullah Bin Aziz has stated, in categorical terms, that no tragic event could change his Kingdoms support to the people of brotherly Muslim state implicitly referring to the killing of a Saudi diplomat in Karachi during a terrorist attack on his car. Not only this assurance, the King further said that Saudi Arabia would extend full cooperation to Pakistan in every sphere of life and that Islamabad should never feel isolated. He made these remarks during a meeting with leader of Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam Maulana Fazlur Rehman, when he called on him at the royal palace in Riyadh. Since its inception, Pakistan has always enjoyed unflinching support from successive royal rulers and Saudi Arabia came to Pakistans rescue on every difficult period of turmoil. But this has never been a one-sided affair. Pakistan and its people had always stood on the side of Saudi Arabia in handling issues confronting the Muslim Ummah. Pakistan is heavily dependent on Saudi Arabia being a strong ally of the United States. Riyadh has continued to supply oil to Pakistan at cheaper prices even at a time when in the international market it touched highest mark. On the other hand, Saudi Arabia has all along been a close partner in dealing with natural calamities like devastating floods and earthquakes. Saudi Arabia is widely respected in Pakistan for being the hub of the Islamic faith and also as a leader of the Muslim world. Late King Faisal had been a house hold name for having great affection for the people of Pakistan and for supporting and financing mega projects. Saudi rulers have always been taking great interest in Pakistans well-being as elder brother. In Pakistani politics as well, the Saudi influence is remarkable. Former prime minister Mian Nawaz Sharif was rescued by the Saudis when former military dictator Gen Musharraf was bent upon taking his life. He was shifted to Jeddah on personal intervention of King Abdullah.