ISLAMABAD: Blatant attack on PNS Mehran and other recent incidents targeting countrys security organisations has heightened the need for implementation of unanimous parliamentary resolution that call for revisiting ties with the United States. Background discussions with leading defence analysts suggest that it would be better to immediately implement the resolution in letter and spirit. Stop dancing with wolf, was spontaneous reaction of the former ISI Director General Hamid Gul, who believed that the US and its allies were bent upon to denuclearise Pakistan by creating such conditions. He was of the view that the US was working on a strategy to achieve three objectives: denuclearisation of Pakistan, creation of conditions conducive to Indian role in Afghanistan, and provoking tribesmen against Pakistan. It is a sort of FIR being prepared by the USA against Pakistan, he said, adding that India was the major beneficiary of the PNS Mehran attack as the assets damaged during the terrorist attacks were Indian-specific and meant for checking the Indian submarines. The US, he said, was working on the agenda that before leaving Afghanistan, it should make it out to the world that Pakistan lacked in capacity to secure its nuclear assets. Other sources also called for overhauling the intelligence system of the country to prevent such incidents in future. They referred to the recent reports of the Time, News Week and Economist Magazines highlighting concerns about the security of Pakistans nuclear assets. They were of the opinion that unabated US drone strikes in FATA were part of the grand US design to provoke tribesmen against Pakistans security apparatus by using unending drone strikes in that region. Sources said that it was about time that PPP-led ruling coalition revisits countrys relations with the United States and implement the parliamentary resolution in letter and spirit. There is no other remedy to challenges being faced by Pakistan, sources said, adding, it was high time that will of the nation is translated into action. Some sources were upbeat saying important decision were likely to be taken during the meeting of Defence Committee of the Cabinet on May 25 (Wednesday), which has been called to review the security situation. Sources said that the meeting would deliberate the blatant attack on PNS Mehran and the factors that led to such a massive attack. Sources said that the Cabinet Defence Committee would firm up a set of recommendations so that security and intelligence capabilities could he increased. The meeting is likely to stress the need for shifting the key defence instillations from cities to other appropriate places.