We might ask ourselves how we would be reacting if the Iraqi commandos landed at George W. Bushs compound, assassinated him, and dumped his body in the Atlantic. Noam Chomsky Senator John Kerry, the powerful Chairman of the US Foreign Relations Committee, was in Pakistan recently.He met with the US-Britain-backed PPP regime and its leadership with the entire political and bureaucratic establishment lined up before him to listen respectfully to his sermon on the Abbottabad episode and the continuing war on Al-Qaeda.The American Senator, once a presidential candidate himself who lost to George W. Bush and fully knowledgeable of the US presidential election dynamics, its charades and shenanigans, must have had frank private talks, given open threats, and offered carrots and sticks all in one breath and ought to have thanked the Pakistani incumbent regime for its complete collaboration and absolute understanding of the craftily-staged Abbottabad drama. The Senator must have also unequivocally appreciated the theatrics of the Pakistani armed forces in the said political comedy of errors and must have assured the top brass more American dollars and obsolete weapons deliveries, subject to the conditions that the Pak Army continues to play ball, supporting its immediate and long-range objectives in the region. Obviously, the distinguished Senator and honourable guest of the Pakistani government, who can reach the highest echelons of power in the country at the drop of a coin, must have, most specifically, admired the Pakistani Ambassador in Washington for his notable and important services rendered to the government of the United States in issuing over 7,000 visas to CIA operatives, who are now fully entrenched all over Pakistan doing their part of the game, that is, destabilising it with absolute impunity, and hoping that the Ambassador will be further instructed on the exercise of special powers vested in him by none other than the President himself. In the middle of this high-profile meeting, the Pakistani Prime Minister was ordered by Hillary Clinton, the US Secretary of State, to take a 20-minute telephone call from her. Amazing, isnt it? Pakistans demoralisation is at its peak and the Obama administration is finding this an opportune moment to further add salt in its wounds and rub the nations face into the dust.The idea is to demoralise and marginalise the masses to such an extent that they lose hope and resign to their fate: They will come to the realisation that their political will has no consequences against the strong and powerful, and it is better to accept what is destined for them and decided by the mighty ones. Indeed, the foreign qualified advisors, economic experts and socialpsychologists must be advising Zardari-Gilani to withdraw all government subsidies, increase petrol and gas prices, hike the cost of daily consumables, raise power tariffs, privatise health and education, reduce public services expense and wholeheartedly further support vested interests and private enterprise - naturally resulting in increased dependence on external funding sources and, as a consequence, the masses simply struggle to survive for their daily existence - no more able to enjoy the liberty of political will. In fact, the Pakistani nation has already reached its moral, psychological, political and financial abyss.Look around: Poverty, deprivations and demoralisation is visible on every corner, in every nook and cranny, on every face, on the actual life path of every citizen - whether subjected to drone attacks, mayhem, organised violence, bombings or not. The mighty ones are also masterminding the psychological warfare against this nation.The ultimate objective of this psychological assault is an entire national reorientation and value transformation: Leading national television hosts are regularly funded for political and cultural reorientation courses at Harvard University and many of them are already singing what they are told to sing.The US-Wests media is busy fulltime in implanting hate, venom and division at every level of society: We have already been told time and again that we are terrorists and owe this attribute of inherent violence to our ideological beliefs of Islam.We need only womens emancipation as our recourse for our sins (as opposed to an all national emancipation of the oppressed masses). And look:One of the heroes of the misled, Osama bin Laden, was an avid fan of pornography and a womaniser. And observe, we are told again, how the Westernised enlightened liberals among us are going places, accepting foreign values and embracing modernisation themselves: They are conducting fashion shows, taking up drinking and sexual mores that liberate them completely.Take note, a truly emancipated Muslim female in Germany, in a true act of emancipation, has gone semi-nude on the cover and completely nude in the centrefold of Playboy magazine. And watch out. They are working hard to make sure that an American, British or Canadian female of Pakistani descent does the same soon.It would be a slap at our cultural and religious values in making us understand what truly constitutes emancipation. And yet, someone like me (I hope among like millions in America, Pakistan and elsewhere) educated at an Ivy League University, USA,and having lived amid the American dream cannot intellectually, emotionally or philosophically believe that this is what emancipation is all about - adapting Western values, supporting a so-called war on terror that is illegitimate and brutal, and a world political order that is based on conflict- resolution by the military might of a superpower, while the world at large is denied the peaceful, humanitarian approach of dialogue, accommodation and political solutions to political conflicts. I am more drawn to (hopefully millions all over the world as well) Noam Chomskys moral-political question posed to the American public, Paul Craig Roberts relevant precept of democratic norms, Gary Younges observation of Osamas assassination (real or dramatised) and peoples revolts all over the world against American client states and the US-Wests imperialist designs aimed at subjugating the entire humanity for their national self-interests and the spread of ideological corporate capitalism throughout the world - with unbearable and brutal killings of innocent human beings under the pretext of fabricated national security fears and lofty empty democratic slogans. Let there be tolerance for humanity and for the nations that exist in entirely different worlds that is, in fact, emancipation against global political oppression in times of massive awakening of public political consciousness in this modern era In reference to todays Pakistan, it will be instructive for the US not to push this nation to the brink - the Pakistani public is already sitting on a time bombthat is about to explode Will the Zardari-Gilani political outfit repeat and embrace what General Dahi Khalfan Tamim of Dubai Police has said: I am a public servant I know they wont - they do not comprehend the notion. Their state of mind is set in a different bygone era How unfortunate for this nation n The writer is a Professor, Political Analyst and Conflict-Resolution Expert. Email: hl_mehdi@hotmail.com