Across the world, driving license is considered a privilege because it is a guarantee that someone is capable of driving a vehicle. All the developed countries have always given importance to safety of people on the roads. It is hard to imagine driving without a license in countries like USA, UK and even in some Asian countries like Malaysia, UAE. People have to prove their social, mental and physical fitness as well as knowledge about traffic rule to acquire driving license.

In Pakistan, there are still millions of drivers without a driving license plying on the roads. NADRA and NH and MP have taken a good initiative to start e-licensing in Pakistan. The RFID based driving license will help to organise the motorways and other roads in a systematic manner. This license will be like a catalog carrying personal data of drivers, record of violations of traffic rules and privacy etc. There will be no chance for theft and modification of driving license, as it happens now.

Pakistan needs to implement ‘Motor Maintenance License’ as well, thus avoiding great loss of life in traffic accidents due to bad condition of vehicles. Motorway police is introducing many new steps for management and safety on the road better. Now it is the responsibility of the people to avail and respect the laws and regulations made for their betterment. We can achieve the status of a civilized nation by respecting laws in our country.


Kotmomin, May19.