I retired as professor from the University of Engineering and Technology (UET), Lahore, on April 11, 2012, after being associated with it since Nov 1976. I was one of the tenure track teachers at the UET and, according to the university policy; teachers on the ‘Tenure Track System’ (TTS) were given pension benefits for the years on TTS in lieu of one month’s gratuity per year. All the teachers on TTS, except one who retired almost with me, got their pension on these bases.

However, in our case, objection was raised by resident auditor and the case went to the UET Syndicate where the previous pension formula was upheld and reiterated. After this decision all the teachers in TTS who retired after me and the one who retired just before me got their pensions and commutations in full, except me. One after another objection/requirement was put up in my case and after following it I finally got the pension about 11 months after my retirement and commutation amount minus 20 per cent.

First, during those 11 months the currency had devalued by about 15 per cent which was a net loss to me. Furthermore, 20 percent of the commutation amount is withheld only in my case. All others, exactly in the same situation as me, got their full amounts. All my requests to the Vice-Chancellor and the registrar have gone unanswered and so I am left with no other option but to vent my frustration through these columns and hope that someone in authority will take notice.

I hope that such a prestigious organization, that I served with for such a long period, is not discriminating due to any reason, as this would be unfair to me and to people who work selflessly for Universities, the galore of education.


Karachi, May 15.