There is nothing illegitimate if political parties seek re-election in some constituencies in Karachi, especially when these irregularities have been pointed out by foreign observers, including those from European Union, and visual evidence has been posted on social media and even shown on many private television channels. It is high time that every political party with a political mandate, irrespective of its strength understood they cannot venture into forbidden territory by resorting to threats of breaking up the country, or use of violence, and if irregularities happened then they need to be exposed.

The geographical sanctity of Pakistan is far more sacrosanct and should never be portrayed as so fragile, that a foreign based political leader can threaten to break it into pieces. This event only highlights that no individual, who has pledged his loyalty to any foreign country, should be allowed to hold any political office, ambassadorial assignment, or any public office of significance.

While vast majority of our expatriates who were forced to seek foreign nationalities in search of livelihood, send their hard earned savings to Pakistan, it is the small elite who having benefited most from this country, in some cases resorted to massive plunder of state. This class has now abandoned their country and aims to seek more financial benefits, without giving anything in return. Everybody who lives in Pakistan, including those whose parents migrated following partition have benefited economically and socially, must ask themselves what have they given back to this country?.


Lahore, May 15.