Despite KESC, claims of 8 hours loadshedding in industrial areas last month, small and medium scale industrialists in North Karachi Industrial and Federal B. Area are witnessing extreme power breakdown that range from 12 to 16 hours for the last one month. Before the announcement that was made in April 2013, industries were witnessing 8 hours loadshedding, and now the situation has worsened.

The people in upper echelons should have more clear idea of the priorities of a country as the industrial sector is most revenue generating sector of any country, it should be provided electricity so that the industry stays alive. The increase in loadshedding after the elections has become worse putting everyone in a quandary. I urge the concerned authorities to rescue the flagging industries which are on the brink of destruction. KESC must take appropriate actions in order to minimise power breakdown particularly in the industrial zone.


Karachi, May 19.