Pakistan faces grave dangers to its security because of failures committed by those who only looked for personal short term political benefits or to prolonging their tenures in power. Some people who hold important public offices, migrate to adopted countries after retirement to look for greener pastures, taking all of our secrets with them. Many foreign countries give them migration on the bases of the wealth they transfer there without asking any questions.

Dual nationality is no doubt allowed, but there must be some rules, where an individual maintains his links with the country of his origin by paying taxes due to him, having assets located there, and duly retaining both passports and other documentation which declare your intent to retain your nationality. Failure to do so amounts to revoking your nationality, which is one the fundamental rights of an individual. Men like Shaukat Aziz who never even possessed an NIC or other documentation, were allowed to hold a public office of significance like PM, had access to most secret of our national assets, and left the country as soon as they were out of office.

During his tenure insider trading went berserk, our stock exchange worked like a casino where a few big fish made a bonanza, while our energy sector was neglected and state lands usurped through allotments by those in power. What can be a bigger threat to national security than men like this?


Sukkur, May 18.