LAHORE - Lahore College for Women University (LCWU) is strongly committed to promote Punjabi language and will suggest its academic council to make it a compulsory subject at graduation level, said LCWU Vice chancellor Dr Sabiha Mansoor.

She was addressing a seminar held here on Friday. She said speaking Punjabi at home and at work places was the only way to promote the mother tongue. “According to linguists, thousands of languages will disappear within the next hundred years. English has increasingly come to dominate in research and higher education, especially in the natural sciences, medicine and technology. If we don’t enrich our mother tongue, it would die one day,” she said.

Seminar was orgnised by department of Punjabi LCWU and Dr Naveed Shuja delivered a special lecture that how first language has the impact on our health. He explained that using second languages we have to generate words which cause stress on our nerves. “Child connects to his parents, family, relatives, culture, history, identity and religion through his mother tongue. Native language links the child with the culture of the society the child comes from and shapes his identity. Mother tongue provides the basis for learning another language,” he said.

LCWU Punjabi Department head Dr Samina Batool said that children who come to school with a strong foundation in their mother tongue develop stronger literacy abilities in the language used at school. She said that the ability to converse in a language is developed through the mother tongue. She advised parents to establish a strong home language policy and make consistent efforts to help their children develop good literacy skills in their first language. The first step parents should take is make children love mother tongue by finding ways that motivate and encourage its learning, she added.