LAHORE - Participants of the 3rd International Halal Conference and Expo observed that Pakistan’s share is almost zero in the $3 trillion estimated global value of halal market, which is fast growing further with more consumer awareness not only in food sector but also in non-food products, including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, healthcare, toiletries and interest-free banking.

They said that global halal meat market volume has reached up to $ 300 billion and Pakistan ranked 18th in the production of halal meat and its volume is only 2.9 % of the global Halal meat production which is very low. They mentioned that Pakistan can play pivotal role in the this growing market because Pakistan have more than 160 million quality live stock including 71 million big animals and 89 million goats & sheep.

The mega show kick-started on Thursday morning and concluded on Friday, showcasing the halal trade potential of Pakistan. In the event, more than 30 renowned importers of Halal Industry from Malaysia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Indonesia, Argentina, Australia, USA and Russia participated while Dr. Russly from Malaysia, Dr. Winai form Thailand, Professor Ir. Sakoo from Indonesia and Dr Munir from USA addressed the conference.

The event provided a unique opportunity to the local entrepreneurs, business houses dealing in food & non-food products especially the exporters of mutton, beef, poultry and allied industries to showcase their products.

Federal Minister for Ministry of National Food Security & Research (MNFSR) Sikandar Hayat Khan Bosan while addressing the concluding session of 3rd International Halal Conference and Expo said that government is planning to set up a Halal Board for Halal Food Accreditation, representing private sector and ulema along with representation of government functionaries which will provide policy guideline to PNAC and PSQCA.

He said that Pakistan having rich potential in livestock, dairy and poultry sector has the capability to capture this new market of halal food. He said that Pakistan being Islamic country need to benefit of this opportunity and once recognized halal certified goods and services chain starts and it will help local sale and export.

“Ministry of National Food Security & Research (MNFSR) aims to turn Pakistan into a hub of food and high value crops, as there is a large demand of Halal products in markets. It will also require modernizing post-harvest storage and marketing systems. Process is underway for revamping of agricultural and livestock research organizations and institutions so that benefits of research reach the farmers and breeders.”

He said that government goal is to turn livestock and agriculture into a fully viable economic activity and attain self-sufficiency in food production. The minister also emphasized on adoption of modern technologies for efficient input use. He said that Pakistan is ranked amongst some top livestock producing countries and not only it can meet its own requirements but also it can export to meet the global demand.

Punjab Minister for Food Bilal Yaseen said it is the dream of the Punjab government to make the province a hub for halal food. He said this conference and expo is part of the same steps being taken by the provincial government. He said more programmes of this kind would be arranged to promote Punjab as halal food exporting region.  Chairman PHDA Justice (r) Khalil-ur-Rehman said that they are working to introduce Pakistan as Halal Kitchen for the world. He said Pakistan has the potential of becoming market of halal food for the world. However, he stressed the need for marketing in the international halal market in a proper manner.

He stressed the need for strengthening farmers so that a large number of livestock and their products could be supplied in the international market. Indonesian Ambassador and delegates from other foreign countries visited different stalls in the expo and evinced keen interest in halal products displayed at the exhibition.

Dr Russali from Malaysia, Dr. Vinaiy from Thailand, Prof. Arscoso from Indonesia, Dr. Munir from America and other foreign experts said that Pakistan is fully capable to become Halal market of the world and there is a need that government should modernize marketing system of Halal Pakistani products. They said that they will make joint efforts for highlighting Pakistan as Halal center in the world.  Ambassador of different countries also participated in the programme and presented their papers on Pakistani Halal industry.