ISLAMABAD - Hearing petition of suspension of private TV channel’s transmission, the Supreme Court on Friday made it clear that it would not shirk from its responsibility.

Justice Jawwad S Khawaja, heading a three-judge bench that heard the Geo TV petition, said: “There should be no doubt in the mind of anyone, present in this courtroom or outside, that we will shirk from our responsibility.”

Onset of the hearing, Akram Sheikh, counsel for Independent Media Corporation, informed the bench that he had filed an application for resurrection of their constitutional petition, which was disposed of on 13th August 2012.

He said the cable operators have suspended the broadcast of Geo News. He prayed the bench to order the revival of their petition in the interest of justice, equity and fair play.

Justice Jawwad said they would not be able to hear the case on Friday as one of the members of the bench has to take flight for Karachi, therefore, will take up the matter on Monday.

Akram Sheikh said he was going abroad, therefore, allow Taufiq Asif to represent him in the case on Monday.

Taufiq Asif, former President Lahore High Court Bar Association, Rawalpindi, who was standing next to Akram Sheikh during the proceeding, said since morning (Friday) banners upon them scandalous remarks have been written against Justice Jawwad have been displayed at different places in Islamabad.

Justice Jawwad said that he was least bothered about the banners. However, Taufiq contended that if the wordings on the banners would have been against a person Jawwad S Khawaja then there would have been no problem, but the banners wordings are against Justice Jawwad S Khawaja. He said through the judiciary is being scandalized; adding if there will no respect for judges then why people would respect the lawyers.

The judge said: “There is no pressure on him and also no one could insult him because I have firm belief that only Allah Almighty has power to give or take away respect. “The truth will prevail,” he added.

Justice Jawwad also asked him that if he has been hurt, then file an application. Taufiq Asif asked whether the banners would be displayed for three days.

The court issuing notices to Pemra lawyer Ibrahim Satti and Attorney General for Pakistan on Geo TV application adjourned the hearing till Monday.