The media’s image has been tainted to a great extent. Even after more than a decade, it seems our media is still in its infancy. At times, facts are distorted to such an extent that it becomes really difficult to differentiate between propaganda and the truth. Our society exhibits a severe level of intolerance; people whose views are different than ours, are considered worth killing. Media, by getting involved in this bitter war, is harming a sacred institution.

Pakistanis, especially expatriates are seriously dismayed by such uncalled for predicaments. The nation badly needs respite from agony.  It’s high time to put in place strong checks and balances on the so-called ‘fourth pillar of the state’, and draw a clear distinction between the thin line of freedom of speech and safeguarding of national, cultural and religious interests. Let’s stop pointing fingers at each other; perhaps it’s time to smile at each other.


China, May 18.