LAHORE - Three condemned prisoners were hanged separately in three jails of Punjab on Saturday morning.

Rashid Muneer, a convicted killer was sent to gallows in Lahore’s Kot Lakhpat jail. He shot to death two men, Khalid and Imtiaz, in 1991. He was awarded death penalty by an anti-terrorism court in 2012.

In Multan, another prisoner on death row, Abdul Ghaffar, was executed at the city’s central jail. Sahiwal’s central jail also witnessed a death row prisoner, Wazir Ali, breathe his last at the hangman’s halter early Saturday morning.

Meantime, a convicted assassin, Salim, got reprieved as the aggrieved side approached the magistrate with the deal document at the eleventh hour. Salim had killed his cousin in 2004.

More than 100 convicts have been hanged in jails across Pakistan since the country lifted moratorium on capital punishment in December. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif lifted a self-imposed moratorium on capital punishment on December 17.