Rawalpindi - Police have arrested seven alleged gamblers, recovered stake money and seven mobile phones from their possession.

Rawalpindi police spokesman said on Saturday that Rattaamral police acting on a tip-off conducted a raid at Borang Road and netted six accused persons namely Bashir, Rafiq, Irfan, Fasial Nawaz, Muhammad Irfan and Hamid Mateen who were allegedly involved in betting while playing cards. Police also recovered Rs 5,120 cash stake money and six mobile phones, and registered a case against them.

Meanwhile, Pirwadhai police on information raided in Chathi graveyard area and held Qasir Mahmood who was allegedly involved in gambling. Police recovered Rs 450 and a mobile phone from his custody. Meanwhile, police in its crackdowns against anti-social elements have netted four alleged drunkards. According to Rawalpindi police spokesman on Saturday, Airport police held accused Munir, Naveed Ahmed, Rahmat Ullah and Bilal Khan who were allegedly under the influence of alcohol.

Meanwhile, Gungmandi police nabbed Zahor and recovered a stolen motorcycle from his possession. Police have registered separate cases against the accused and started further investigation.