Islamabad -  In the wake of growing incidents of extremism, militancy and terrorism coupled with sophisticated nature of crime in the country, reforming the criminal justice system is not only a necessity but it should also be a national priority.

Judge Supreme Court of Pakistan, Justice Dost Muhammad Khan said while addressing the prosecutors from all over Pakistan, Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan in a certificate awarding ceremony at the conclusion of a one-week training course on “Role of Law Officers vis-a-vis Quick Disposal Criminal Cases” held here at Federal Judicial Academy on Saturday.

He said that the simple life of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) offers Muslims a great message but unfortunately they are not following the fundamental principles of Islam and also those of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) to lead a dignified and honourable life in this world and earn the pleasure of Allah.

He said, “The Holy Prophet Muhammad’s (Peace Be Upon Him) life, both private and public, is an excellent example for his followers. He himself practiced and preached just and simplicity and so did his comrades and others. All of us must live decently and kindly.”

Justice Dost said all the stakeholders of the system should be in a better position to deliver in a more professional manner. “When England can combat terror and militancy, we can also but for this aim to achieve, proper investment in the capacity building, infrastructure, among others, is essential.”

Rights to life, liberty and security are basic human rights inscribed in the constitution of Pakistan and the state is under obligation to comply with. “I strongly believe that effective investigation is imperative to combat crime in the society and for this the government should play its due role to strengthen the relevant departments such as police, prosecution, health, etc.” Moral bankruptcy and corrupt practices should also be discouraged for effective delivery in criminal justice system, he added.

Regarding the role of prosecutors in the criminal justice system, he said, “Role of prosecutors in the criminal justice system, at all levels, is very vital. Unfortunately, our prosecutors and our system are facing several problems and challenges, while there are also lapses in the relevant law, but even then they are trying to deliver.”

Earlier, Fakhar Hayat, Director General of the Federal Judicial Academy, presented his welcome speech, profile of the honourable chief guest and an overview of the course.

“The academy always designs and develops such courses for the participants that they themselves should feel a positive and tangible change in performance and professional attitude,” he said.